Andreea Cojocaru Co-Founder
Virtual Reality Architects

Andreea Cojocaru

Andreea Cojocaru is an architect and programmer whose integrated creative process explores the dynamic boundary between the virtual and the real. She is currently co-founder and technical and creative lead at NUMENA GmbH, a German company that combines design and architecture with computer programming to develop interactive virtual experiences.

At the core of NUMENA lies a fascination with the intersection between 3D space and technology. Each project is a unique exploration of this connection and aims to create a space where products unfold their functionality, tell their story, and interact meaningfully with their users. NUMENA’s design and testing methods span from hand-made cardboard models to complex virtual reality simulations. In an increasingly vast digital universe, this approach expands the creative possibilities to exploit the full range of what is applicable from both traditional and digital design approaches.

Andreea has trained and practiced as an architect, artist and programmer across America and Europe. She is fluent in a wide range of software and creative mediums covering coding, architecture, parametric design, 3D modeling, computer vision, gaming and graphics. She has design and project management experience from companies in New York and Stuttgart and has studied architecture at Wellesley College (B.A.), MIT and Yale University (M.Arch) where she was awarded, among other distinctions, the Yen and Dolly Liang Fellowship, the Frederick Hilles Fellowship, and the AIA Henry Adams Gold Medal for the top ranking graduating student.


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