Thomas Saaby Head of Healthcare
Khora Virtual Reality

Thomas Saaby

Thomas Saaby Noer heads the healthcare related projects at Khora. These spands from marketing solutions for pharma companies – over educational content for caretakers within psychiatry to pain distraction solutions for children. Khora is also producing content for one of the largest studies of using 360 video for treatment of social anxiety together with the Capital Region in Copenhagen. The presentation will share insights from these projects and discus how Virtual Reality through partnerships can be implemented in an evidence based culture.

Khora is a virtual reality production house, the world’s first virtual reality store, and a hub for innovators.
We push to expand this technology’s potential and would like to share our knowledge along the way. Combining a storefront, educational platform, and lab space, Khora aims to integrate people of all ages and walks of life who share a common interest in this emerging technology.


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